Lumo Luna Organic Decaf

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Lumo Coffee was born from the desire to create the best-tasting healthiest coffee on the planet to help build strong and healthy people. We are proud to partner with Café Femenino to produce our delicious and seriously healthy Lumo Luna organic decaf coffee.

Cafe Feminino requires participating cooperatives to give their women farmers control of revenues, land ownership, and acknowledgement for their exceptional coffee. With economic control in their hands, the women farmers of Cecanor, Peru, have used Café Femenino funds to invest in community betterment projects including children’s libraries, schools, health and nutritional education, and programs that build self-esteem, human rights awareness, and literacy. 

Lumo Luna is jam-packed full of healthy antioxidants and free from nasties such as pesticides, mycotoxins and mould.

The chemical-free Swiss Water decaffeination process means you can sleep soundly zzzzzzz : )

Floral aromas of almond, cashew, and chocolate, with flavours of dark chocolate, bright citrus, and maple syrup. Yummo!

Size: 1kg
Whole Beans or Pre-Ground: Whole Beans