Seriously Healthy Organic Coffee

Triple the Antioxidants of Regular Coffee

A Force For Good


Triple the antioxidants of regular coffee!

Specialty Grade

Certified Organic Coffee

Our coffees are free of chemicals, pesticides, mycotoxins and mould.

Thank you for getting my day off to a cracking start with that beautiful coffee

Matt M.

Love the Luna - how is this decaf?

Simon S.

I've never thought of coffee as light & bright, but that's exactly what this is, delicious and buoyant!

Sara J.

I expected the Dark Side to be really strong but this was really smooth. Love it!

Tarj P.

"Coffee is definitely a health food"

Dr. Tim Spector - Diary of a CEO podcast.

"Even if you have decaf coffee, decent quality because there are different ways of taking the caffeine out

All the studies are showing consistently that you will have less heart disease and you will live longer if you drink 1-4 cups of coffee a day, that seems to be the sweet spot. Coffee is actually a fermented plant so the microbes are playing a role in that. It’s also a source of fibre, so 3 cups of coffee gives you around 5g of fibre which is 25% of your daily fibre intake. Polyphenols, the fibre and also for many people it gets them awake and alert, has that effect of stopping tiredness. So if you’re careful with it and you don’t overdose on it, it doesn’t give you heart fluctuations, it’s going to be actually beneficial for you long term. So this is a great example of a food that we’ve totally changed our minds on over the years."

Upgrade your mornings by simply swapping your current brew with Lumo Organic Coffee.

Energize Your Day: Embracing the Goodness of Triple Antioxidant Organic Coffee

Each cup of our seriously healthy organic coffee will help fortify your body with a triple dose of natural antioxidants which will go to work on your health while you get on with your day with improved mental clarity, vibrant energy and a spring in your step.

Lumo isn't just another cup; it's your ticket to feeling good from the inside out.

Ready to embrace the goodness? Make the switch to Lumo, and experience the benefits in every sip.


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